PayPal & IPN Setup

Ok! So... We aren't quite as advanced as some of the bigger national sites out there, but our site will help track items paid for with PayPal. This is through PayPal's IPN settings. Don't worry! It's pretty easy! First - if you use PayPal for a merchant account and have tax enabled in PayPal, this may have issues (we found this out the hard way). The total that PayPal notifies us of, has to match what our site says an item sold for - so if PayPal is adding the tax, the amount won't match up. But please note - if our PayPal setup doesn't work for you, it's not required! It's just an "if you want," kind of thing (and again, we are suggesting payments be done in person).

That all being said, if you'd like the payments made to you for your items sold to register back to our site, just enter your PayPal email address in your account settings. There will be a link shown to you to register for your IPN.
1. Log into your PayPal account
2. Go to Profile then “My Selling Tools”
3. Look for an option labelled “Instant Payment Notification”. Click on the update button for that option.
4. Click “Choose IPN Settings”
5. Enter the URL shown under your PayPal settings here and hit “Save”
That's about it! When a payment comes in for you - PayPal will send us a message automatically, and your listing will mark itself as "Paid" in your Members Area of the site.