How To Get Your Listing Noticed

So first - the obvious... On the site, you can upgrade your listing - using featured, extra photos, highlight, etc. As people are searching, you can help make your ad stand out. But what about to people who might not yet be searching out site?

One of the most frustrating things is - I think we've all done it, right? We have something to sell, so you create an ad for, then one for Craigslist, then one for OfferUp, the one for... and so on and so on... These are GREAT markets, but creating an ad takes time! So... What if you could just create one ad, and copy and paste it everywhere?

Second most frustrating thing is negotiating the prices. You post your ad - you ask for $50 for your item. Someone calls you and says they will take it - you hold it - they don't show up... Then someone else calls, they don't show up. Someone else calls, and they DO show up - but they decide your item is worth $35 - you offer to drop to $40, they pretend to think about it and then act like they are doing you a favor... Oh the fun of negotiation!

So let's solve both problems now... You CAN take offers and negotiate on your item price here - however, that's totally up to you. If you have a set cost - or maybe you aren't even sure how much your item is worth! Item's are worth what someone will pay for it... So - get the word out and make sure as many people see your auction or listing as possible!

One idea to move things along quickly is - if you have an item you'd like to sell - create your ad here. Then copy and paste the link to your auction... Well... EVERYWHERE! Put it on your Facebook account, Tweet it out, go to KSL, and Craigslist and put up the picture, and say, "Item for sale (or up for Auction) here: Then... Hit some of the Yard Sale sites on Facebook! Most of them you'll need to be a member, but pick your favorite(s) - make sure you are obeying the moderators rules - and then post your link in one of the sale posts, and let people know questions/offers/bids should be asked on the item page.

This of course isn't required! Just some ideas to help drive more people to your items! We will do all we can! We have social media and Google ads that we run - and of course, our own homegrown Facebook group (and BTW - you can post your items you are selling here, in our group too!) We will do all we can to bring people to your items! But you can push your own items all over as well!

Not sure of where to start on the Facebook groups? Here's a few of our favorites! This is not a complete list - there are literally over 1000 Utah Yard Sale sites on Facebook - but these are ones we use too! 

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